Cyberattacks are one of the top threats to a business today.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and more frequent – you need to assume that your business will be hacked at some point.  Do you have a cyber security plan and process in place?

We understand that you want your business to develop and grow but if you suffered a cyber-attack do you understand the full impact this would have on your business?  Loss of monies, inability for employees to work, costly IT fixes, potential GDPR fines and a reputational threat are just some of the effects of a cyber-attack.

One of the most important requirements of a cyber security programme is to ensure that risks, threats, and controls are communicated and reported in a consistent manner. We therefore encourage businesses to build a penetration test into the annual traditional audit process.

Business owners and investors need confidence that the business is fit for purpose and business growth.   A third-party annual audit and penetration test will endorse and support the efforts of internal IT operations with formal reporting mechanisms.

We have a dedicated team of specialists at CyberFocus, a subsidiary of Murray Harcourt, who provide our clients with the right support to ensure they are protected against a potential cyber attack and can put the right reporting mechanisms in place.

Please visit the CyberFocus website or email us at if you have any initial questions.