Annual accounts are increasingly longer, complex and time-consuming. Murray Harcourt’s financial reporting team can take the stress away from you to deliver a quality service at a sensible price.

Our financial reporting team was established to meet growing demand from businesses concerned at the time burden of preparing increasingly complex annual accounts.

We can help if you have single or multiple sets of statutory accounts and are concerned at the length and complexity of what goes into them (and the management time involved).

The financial reporting services we provide include:

Statutory accounts
A comprehensive service from picking up your final figures to delivering the annual report for approval.

New accounting standards
Advice and assistance with transitional issues (e.g. conversion to FRS102, full IFRS, or the new standards on revenue recognition and lease accounting).

We can help you model up front the impact of acquisitions and disposals on the accounts, and provide visibility on the required disclosures to avoid surprises.

We provide advice on reporting and presentation options, so you know what is possible and can make informed decisions.

If you would like to speak with our financial reporting team please email partner David Caseldine at or give him a call on 0113 231 4131. 


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